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Stand.  The Stories and Scriptures

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Sharon Tedford is a British storyteller who uses her gifts as a singer, author and speaker to connect to her listeners, inviting them into a deeper relationship with God.


Sharon Tedford’s writing gifts are found on her new album and in her book, both entitled, “Stand.” The book tells the powerful stories of the exquisite album. Sharon is an experienced British singer-songwriter, author, and speaker whose stories are relatable, often with a humorous tone and always with an invitation to action.  The mother to three teenagers and the wife to an Irishman, Sharon encourages people to live a God-focused life.


Sharon Tedford is a British performer who resides near Dallas, Texas with her Irish husband and their three teenagers. Sharon uses the written, sung, and spoken word to tell “God-stories” and most recently has used these skills to produce a book and an album, both entitled “Stand”. Sharon is an experienced contemporary solo Christian music artist, whose music has jazz and blues undertones.  She speaks with eloquence, passion and humor, and always includes a call to action. Sharon’s ministry, “61 Things” is based on Isaiah 61:1-4 and exists to encourage Christians to live in their God appointed calling and anointing. Sharon believes that Christians should be inspired and emboldened to proclaim the Truth of Jesus, and keep their feet planted in God’s Word.


A native of Great Britain, Sharon currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She is a trained teacher who obtained a BA(Hons) in English and Drama at Kingston University, UK. An experienced performer, worship leader of more than 20 years, and in more recent years a speaker, she has performed in the US, Australia and the UK.


Sharon was a long-time contributor to Engage Worship where she wrote pieces “to help resource local churches for creative, innovative and world-changing worship.”

She loves to explore words and has an uncanny gift to expound on the truth of Scripture through story and song. Sharon performs and leads worship on guitar and uses professional backing tracks as part of her show. She has a conversational style, so audiences, listeners and readers often feel as though they have enjoyed a chat and a warm cup of tea with a friend. Her stories are relatable, often with a humorous tone and always with an invitation to action. When she sings, her smooth and expressive voice draws people into a deep and worshipful experience. Her songs and stories are balm to the soul and listeners are encouraged and inspired to a more intimate level of faith in God.

She lives with her Irish husband, their three teenagers, and their squirrel-hating dog. If you can’t find Sharon, she’s probably in her local shoe store!


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Deborah DeArmond

Author of Don't Go to Bed Angry, Stay Up and Fight

Have you ever heard a beautiful song, with words that lodged in your heart and wondered, “I’d love to know the story that birthed that!” Singer/songwriter Sharon Tedford has lifted the veil and welcomed us into the process, revealing the stories behind the songs of her. The lyrics flow not from a desire simply to tell the reader about her Jesus. Instead, she discloses the intimate relationship she enjoys with the Savior, and invites us to join her there. Well-written and compelling, Tedford weaves stories that tempt the reader to set the book aside and sit for a while at the feet of the King. The companion CD is the perfect accompaniment for that time with Him. Do not miss this powerful and inspiring book.

Bob Roberts Jr.

Pastor, Author, Glocal Engager

The best songs are not the ones that just sound good but are lived well.  Sharon takes her stories and what God is teaching her and puts it to music and it is awesome. “Stand” tells the stories of God working in her life and how each song was written because of a story. We all struggle with the same issues and challenges in life though our specific circumstances may be different. I wholeheartedly endorse and encourage you to not just hear her music but to know her stories as well. When you do that, the music will be even more powerful.

Janet McHenry

23 Time Author

You always wonder what the stories behind the music are. Vocalist/author Sharon Tedford provides those stories, with beautiful, scriptural reflections. Her CD with the same name, Stand, would be perfect for a quiet day--reading through the companion book. When I did this, I felt as though I'd given myself a half-day retreat. I highly recommend both.

Dave Coombs

Chairman, Wantage & Grove, Street Pastors

Sharon has a heart full of worship and her song writing comes from this and her lived faith experience; her concert if a fusion of well crafted songs and compelling stories which seek to glorify her Lord. Sharon connects well with the audience.

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